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1. Establish a highly visible presence for Service Excellence Academy Africa.

2. Set standards of service for individuals and organisations, both private and public, customised to match their culture.

3. Develop high quality, accessible learning resources at strategic, management and professional levels mapped to customer service standards, for organisations and individuals, accredited by a recognised Awarding Organisation.

4. To offer African citizens opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills and gain customer service qualifications, enhancing their career opportunities.



5. Provide opportunities for research into key customer service imperatives in Africa.

6. To offer businesses a range of easy-to-use service assessment tools that enable them to focus efforts and resources on building customer-centric organisations.

7. To provide networking and knowledge sharing opportunities in each country via conferences, seminars, websites, blogs and online forums.

8. To encourage sponsorship and scholarships from organisations that wish to support individuals and their local economy.



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