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Bukola Olofinjana

Managing Director SEAA.

My career began in merchandising and moved into predominantly Customer Service Management roles service management within the FTSE 100 organisations. My range of experience within private and public organisations, across many industries including Retail / Manufacturing /Financial Services / Technology /Recruitment/E-Commerce and E-Learning.  It was during the transition from merchandising and looking for something bigger and better than I found my love and passion for Customer Service.  Not only Customer Service in the UK but globally.


My enthusiasm and passion for customer service and service improvement has led me to roles that ultimately allow me to influence, encourage and promote superior customer service.  This has been further substantiated by experience gained through international appointments within Europe, being actively involved in the National Customer Services Awards, working alongside some of the industry’s most influential customer service gurus’ and undertaking extensive in-house research with a bias towards customer service and service management.


With Service, I believe that you must come with a Service Mindset and a Service Minded Attitude.  This means YOU want to Help YOUR Customers in any way that YOU can. Only when you have a Service Mindset can you become a fully-fledged Servant Leader.


SEA – Service Excellence Africa is the brainchild of a few individuals who sees and understands and importance and necessity of the Service Mindset in Africa.  The goal of the SEA management team is to create a culture of service excellence in Africa where excellent customer service is recognised to positively impact the performance of all African sectors e.g., businesses, public services, education sector and health sector, by supporting economic growth and development which benefits economies and individuals, both citizens and customers.


With the vast opportunities and changes in how trades take place with the African continent, it is critical that it promotes itself as "easy to do business with'' and become the continent of choice for global partnerships.


Within the Nigerian community in the UK, I am affectionally known as the Service Guru or the Go to Person for Customer Service. I welcome the opportunity as the CEO of SEA, to putting service excellence and customer service at the heart of Africa to accelerate sustainable development and to work with the various stakeholders to make a difference.  


The pandemic has changed the landscape of how we do things, how we live our lives, and it has made organisations take a deeper internal look at how customers are treated.  Opportunities are vast in Africa and SEA seeks to work with key stakeholders, public and private, to encourage change by creating opportunities which will benefit the many and not just the few.


In my humble opinion and it is my mission for SEA to become the is the change catalyst of Service - globally.  These are exciting times ahead and the future for Service Excellence in Africa is bright.  I invite you to come and work with SEA in making a difference and creating the change that we all want to see!

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